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John Royster, PLA, FASLA

Big Muddy Workshop
Omaha, NE

When did you realize you wanted to become a Landscape Architect?

I found out about landscape architecture while attending undergraduate school. I was entranced by the idea of designing the land.

What is your favorite landscape and why?

Wetlands are wonderful and wonderfully complex.

Elmwood Park Stormwater Diversion - Omaha, NE

Elmwood Park Stormwater Diversion - Omaha, NE

I am a member of ASLA because I am one of the 15,000 leaders of my profession.

What is the most important thing you have learned since joining the profession?

Listen to what your sites, your clients, and the public tells you.

Where would you like to be in about 20 years?

Enjoying celebrating Big Muddy’s 50th anniversary!

What do you believe needs to be the next area of innovation in our profession?

Teaching the joys of hand sketching and design by pencil.

Share a project that holds great meaning to you. 

Getting to design Falls Park in Sioux Falls was a childhood dream. I loved the park as a child and young adult, but it was a scary place to hang out. It was great to transform it into a landscape loved by the community.

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